Technology And Travel

19 04 2013

Our travel technology consists of the following:

Nexus 7 tablet
Nexus 4 unlocked 3g phone
1T Samsung portable drive
USB On the Go Cable
2no Fuji compact cameras

Why have we taken the above?

I was banned from taking the laptop because the temptation to drift into work mode would be too great. The Nexus 7 was taken as the next best thing to keep in touch email etc but it lacked 3G. Nexus 4 was duly purchased to cover this shortfall and it has been truly indispensable on our trip to new Zealand.

On the go cable was purchased to allow connection to other USB peripherals. So far it has been successful with mouse, a wireless keyboard and camera. It won’t work with the Samsung portable drive. Apparently the device needs to be rooted to work.

The portable drive contains backup of travel documents and some work files. I do have drop box but was semi reluctant to put some personal information online in case of a breach.

So far we have been able to do most things on the phone and Nexus. I am glad we made this decision as it has saved a lot of weight being unnecessarily carried.


Auckland New Zealand – On a budget with family

19 04 2013

This is what we have found so far

A taxi ride, with the lovely Raj79, cost 75 NZD from the airport to the Best Western in the Central business district.

The Best Western is a good place to stay with a family. The family unit has separate accommodation for the kids and adults. There are two supermarkets adjacent so you can buy fresh croissants in the morning and keep costs down. 12 NZD was the average cost of a day for breakfast. There were two food courts nearby one above Countdown supermarket (which had excellent Chinese steam dumplings) and another a little walk in Queens St. We dined out on 22NZD in one evening and were full!


Skytower is 61 NZD for a family ticket. To date this has been our most spectacular outing. We also had tea and cake for an additional 6 NZD each ūüôā Staff in the tower were lovely also.

If your missing loved ones or cant withdraw yourself from the internet you can keep in touch with Vodaphone Smart 19 data package which cost 30 NZD. It gives you 500MB of data, 50 min talk and 5000 texts. You will needs an unlocked phone. We took a Nexus 4 and it has been utterly priceless this week for directions and email.

We wanted to explore the North Island and hired a car via Apex Car Rentals. A mid size saloon costs
61 NZD day with the collision damage waiver. The staff were a joy to deal with a made the process painless.

Auckland Museum has been our second most favorite attraction. It is 10 NZD (donation) for adults and free for kids. It was very educational re the Maoiri culture and the history of the country. It is set in a magnificent building in spectacular grounds. Parking on the road is cheaper than under the museum.

Things I learned travelling this week

19 04 2013

Don’t rely on reviews on well known review sites – remember everyone’s expectations are different.

Singapore airlines are really good with kids, unfortunatley their choice of children’s meals are not so good.

Don’t make kids eat airline food in the early hours.

You can buy oysters in Heathrow airport but you can’t easily get a bag of chips (fries).


19 01 2013

Working When Travelling

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Means of Travel

19 01 2013
William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle o...

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle on tract of land he later developed into Layton’s Cottage, Trailer, and Fishing Park: Riviera Beach, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

Means of Travel

Not sure how to travel? Neither were we lol. Have a look at these lovely people travelling from everything from top of the range RV/Motorhome to just simply walking without a bean in their pocket.

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Family Travel Resources

19 01 2013

Family Travels

The view to France from Folkestone. (Note to self: Next time bring your passports)

The view to France from Folkestone. (Note to self: Next time bring your passports)

Here are some links that we found useful and informative:

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Why are you called “Four Go Further”

9 12 2012


We are a family of four that live in the UK and are intending to go travelling ¬†2013. My wife and I both travelled before we have kids but haven’t ventured far since.

Why the name “4 Go Further“, well that because we are not very organised and our last trip to main land Europe only got as far as Folkestone. This was due to Daddy Pig not sorting the passports out soon enough ūüė¶

This is our “warts and all” tale of our travels to Auckland New Zealand and Melbourne Australia. We hope to use social media to record our successes and fails

We suspect that our plans will hit the occasional stumbling block so by hopefully highlighting our errors it will benefit others in the future.

Hope you enjoy our tales ūüôā

You can also follow us on Twitter @4gofurther