Technology And Travel

19 04 2013

Our travel technology consists of the following:

Nexus 7 tablet
Nexus 4 unlocked 3g phone
1T Samsung portable drive
USB On the Go Cable
2no Fuji compact cameras

Why have we taken the above?

I was banned from taking the laptop because the temptation to drift into work mode would be too great. The Nexus 7 was taken as the next best thing to keep in touch email etc but it lacked 3G. Nexus 4 was duly purchased to cover this shortfall and it has been truly indispensable on our trip to new Zealand.

On the go cable was purchased to allow connection to other USB peripherals. So far it has been successful with mouse, a wireless keyboard and camera. It won’t work with the Samsung portable drive. Apparently the device needs to be rooted to work.

The portable drive contains backup of travel documents and some work files. I do have drop box but was semi reluctant to put some personal information online in case of a breach.

So far we have been able to do most things on the phone and Nexus. I am glad we made this decision as it has saved a lot of weight being unnecessarily carried.


How to plan your holiday, your life or anything else

10 02 2013

Follow on from the “plans of mice and men” comment yesterday, I would say that we did actually start planning the trip last year, albeit we did not know where we were going at the time . Most of our planning and day to day strategy is usually done one on the back of an envelope, such as this one:


However, we do have the occassional flashes of inspiration and also use a free bit of software called “freeplane”. Freeplane is what they call a mind mapping tool where you can put down your ideas, dates, questions etc in a graphical form. You can revisit and revise as you go along.

Here’s one we did earlier in the initial stages:

Fullscreen capture 10022013 095938

There’s lots of lovely colours you can colour in with to make the whole thing fun.

Another tools I have used extensively is Pearltrees to bookmark websites. It’s great when you browsing to be able to bookmark and sort either there and then..

Fullscreen capture 10022013 104431

Another good tool for collecting info is Evernote, particularly when combined with another tool called IFTT (It this then that), which enables you to bookmark you tweets.

Fullscreen capture 10022013 105436

However if Evernote and IFTT seem too complicated you can always try Wunderlist which is a simple list making tool. Most of these apps also work on Android and iOS so you can have them on your phone as well 😉