Means of Travel

19 01 2013
William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle o...

William Frost Layton in recreational vehicle on tract of land he later developed into Layton’s Cottage, Trailer, and Fishing Park: Riviera Beach, Florida (Photo credit: State Library and Archives of Florida)

Means of Travel

Not sure how to travel? Neither were we lol. Have a look at these lovely people travelling from everything from top of the range RV/Motorhome to just simply walking without a bean in their pocket.

UNDER A WANDERING STAR |Artist travels in a VW Camper
Man’s home a 14-foot canoe in Boston Harbor Man lives in Canoe!
Upcycled caravan – Recycle that old van into something special for travels!
Backpacking – Backpacker Tips, Great site for info
Why anyone can travel Pholosophy behind it
Traveling lifestyle blogger with no Wifi 
Adventure Photographer Trevor Clark –  Great van lifestyle plus photography
INDIA – Blast from the past van trip in the 70’s
Family overland adventure « In Campervan
Spain and Portugal 2011 In a campervan from the UK
motorhome and away Europe in a campervan
Planning My tour – This man has tried practically every combo possible RV, Campervan, car and caravan- good honest account
 DIY Motorhome Construction in Oz
Motorhome Australia – website for Australian Caravanners and Motorhomers
What kind of vehicle? German site, how the writer came to a decision as to what vehicle to use, ending with a Landcruiser
THIS EUROPEAN LIFE You man’s adventure is classic Mercedes and making a little money on the way 
landrover vs mercedes camper? –  Discussion as to whats best 4×2 van or dedicated 4×4 overland vehicle
It’s a small world after all Family of five from London, on a round the world trip.
RV Boondocking American site equivalent of UK Wildcamping 😉
RV Boondocking American site with some different rigs on show
trikes and more Lots of self built camping machines and devices
Vagabonding Adventure – Useful advice on how to make it happen, no less from the legend that is Rowdykittens  😉
Vagabonding  Another travel legend the Art of Long-Term World Travel, by Rolf Potts. 
What do you do for shelter? –  Bit extreme but this man lives in a cave with a ringtail cat for companionship.
DWELLING PORTABLY A mixture of ways of travel from on foot to RV bus
World Trip Forever No Money? not a problem see how these people do it – Not applicable to families though 😉
Forward the (R)evolution  More travel without money, how do they do it?
Recommended for Travel by Andy the Hobotraveler Essential kit including Duct tape (Whatever did we do before it )
CouchSurfing The ubiquitous site for free accomodation for the young free and single lol



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